Miona Majstorovic Lemaître

Consultant, Facilitator & Teacher
GiftedLab Consulting - NGO Out of Blue

Paris, France

Website: www.giftedlab.org / www.outfoblue.co


Miona Majstorović Lemaître got her first B.Sc. at University of Belgrade for French Language and Literature and two M.A. in Marketing and Communication at University Sorbonne Nouvelle and Parisian Business School ESCP Europe (one of the top 5 French  “Grandes écoles“). She used to work as Foreign Language Teacher (French /English), Office Assistant & Translator-Interpreter before starting 10 year-long work experience in Marketing and Communication field.

Profoundly immersed in Socio-Emotional Needs of Gifted since 2014, Miona created, first of all, French-Balkan NGO Out of Blue with program GiftedLab in March 2018. Secondly, she co-founded Serbian NGO “Center for Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted, Talented and 2E“ in October 2019. Miona has started her consultancy business, GiftedLab Co, in January 2020, which translates Miona’s active and professional engagement focusing on Socio Emotional Learning (SEL) in the field of Talent Development. Her goal is to help gifted children, youth and adults adopt growth mindset that makes typical setbacks and challenges associated with Giftedness, less fatal. First objective of GiftedLab Co is to emphasize the need of active work on discovering one’s unique talent profile and focused attention on building self-awareness as gifted, talented or 2E: the Gifted who succeded are those who managed to show their unique self to the world. The second objective of GiftedLab is to enhance emotional literacy in Talent Education by helping educators and caregivers become “fluent“ in Social and Emotional Needs of all children. The third objective of GiftedLab is to help transition from a focus on narrowly defined academic achievement to the one that promotes strengths-based, long-term development and success of all children. In order to attain these goals, Miona has been preparing certification in many useful and efficient methods.  She became Certified SENG SMPG Facilitator in 2018, Certified Career Guidance & Counseling Strengths-Based Assesments Practitioner in 2020, and, preparing certification to become LEGO Facilitator and SECD (Social Emotional Learning & Character Development) Specialist, and to upgrade status in Master SENG SMPG Facilitator in 2021.

Her intervention will focus on better defining and use of potentials, enhancing self- and social awareness, self-management and relationship skills. Every child, especially gifted one, needs competencies beyond the test score: they need whole range of self-actualization skills for the tests of life, career, contribution and caring. Miona proposes various courses, lectures, discussion groups, workshops for parents, educators and professionals on bringing the best out of their children, students, employees and clients. She has translated into Serbian (A Parents Guide for Gifted Children by dr James T. Webb, to be printed by Psihopolis,Serbia), used as a manual on SENG Parents’ workshops and is also writing a book that focuses on socio-emotional needs and challenges of gifted children and adults that summarizes her findings in the field of gifted research/practice and personnal experiences on the subject of giftedness.