Fulfilling of Socio-Emotional Needs of the Gifted, Talented and Twice-Exceptional with SENG SMPG Method

Presenter(s): Miona Majstorovic Lemaître
Author(s): Miona Majstorovic Lemaître

Underachievement of the gifted population is not only the result of inadequate school curriculum. Therefore, organisation SENG
(Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted) was founded in 1971 in America in order to support the needs of gifted, talented and twice- exceptional children (2 E) because practice have shown that these children need support in order to develop positive growth mindset. Through different forms of activities, literature and methods, SENG tends to help, first of all parents of gifted children as their most present and important life guides through SENG SMPG method’s workshops, but also other guides of the gifted. SENG also helps gifted themselves through offline and online guided discussion sessions. In addition to this, SENG advocates the gifted population getting good quality professionals' help through councilors, educators, psychologists, other healthcare professionals trained to work with gifted children that won’t misdiagnose them. SENG Europe has been founded in August 2018 in order to spread SENG's knowledge and experience in European countries too. Every SENG SMPG method’s workshop is an guided discussion about specific topics that concern the gifted population where participants share their experiences, doubts, good practices but also an opportunity where they can acquire SENG's knowledge, advices and strategies that will help them further in recognizing, understanding and supporting more efficiently the gifted, talented and twice-exceptional population. SENG SMPG method’s workshops treat following topics: Characteristics, Communication, Motivation, Enthusiasm and Underachievement, Establishing Discipline and Teaching Self-Management, Perfectionism, Idealism, Stress, Unhappiness and Depression, Siblings and Only Children, Acquaintances, Friends and Peers, Values, Traditions and Uniqueness, Complexities of Parenting, Children Who Are Twice-Exceptional. The main resource for SENG SMPG workshop's participants is a book " A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children" written by James T. Webb, Janet L. Gore, Edward R. Amend and published by Great Potential Press. Participants are invited to share other related resources with other participants during workshop sessions.
Short presentation followed by demonstrative SENG SMPG method's workshop will be done by Miona Majstorović Lemaître, GiftedLab Out of Blue, SENG SMPG Certified Facilitator, e-mail : giftedlab@outofblue.co.