Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted, Talented, and 2E: Why Efficient Training about Social-Emotional Aspect of Giftedness brings Efficient Teaching and Better Talent Development

Presenter(s): Miona Majstorovic Lemaître

This keynote sheds light on the importance of Social and Emotional Needs and Challenges that go with Specific Personality Development of the Gifted, Talented, and 2E (G,T&2E). In addition, it provides an overview of all the important potential challenges that have to be taken into account by educators and caregivers of this population.

It will be a quick overview of 8 modules that are part of GiftedLab’s workshop unit called “Zoom on Inner World of the Gifted, Talented and 2E”. It is an attempt to answer a number of questions, including:

(1)What are characteristics of the G,T&2E population and what communication techniques should we use with them?
(2) How to help G,T&2E avoid the excess of Intensity, Perfectionism & Stress?
(3) How to deal with Motivation, Discipline, Self-Management, and Underachievement Issues of G,T&2E population?
(4) In what way Relationships of the Gifted Children and Adults can be deeply affected and influence their social lives and identities?
(5) How do Learning Disability or Any Other Disability influence Giftedness?
(6) How do deal with multipotentiality of the G,T&2E?
(7) How does Gender influence Giftedness? And
(8) What are the Physical, Social, Emotional and Environmental Differencies that Create Challenges in case of Highly and Profoundly Gifted Population?