Parenting the Gifted and talented Children

Presenter(s): Willeke Rol , Miona Majstorovic Lemaître

In our society, many parents educate their children by rewarding positive behavior and punishing negative behavior. The parent determines and the children are expected to conform. But: "conforming" clashes with the creative, inquisitive nature that is so typical of gifted children.

Instead of punishment or reward, it is much more beneficial to focus, as the parent of a gifted child, on 'learning'. Involve your child in finding solutions, help the child develop self-discipline, responsibility, and problem-solving skills. For gifted children with their very intense feelings, their strong sense of justice, their well-developed capacity for reflection and their critical, independent attitude, it is a "must"!

Parents with an emotional coaching style are aware of the emotions of their children, listen with compassion, and help their child identify their emotions. They set boundaries and look for solution strategies for the problem. In this way the children learn to trust their feelings, to regulate their own emotions and to solve problems. Gifted children who manage their emotions more often grow up to be resilient adults. They have a lot of self-esteem, can learn well and get along well with others.
The aim of this parents’ symposium is to hear about experiences from other parents and from professionals who work every day with gifted children and their families how to help your children build the most important characteristic is inner resilience to be themselves and develop their unique potential at the same time.