Willeke Rol

Bright Kids

Diemen, Netherlands

Website: Bright Kids


Willeke is a recognized authority on Highly Gifted Education in the Netherlands, a published author and a frequent Key note speaker at conventions.

At the University of Nijmegen she received the title “Specialist in Gifted Education”.  Allowing her to back up over three decades of Educational experiences with the Theoretical know how.

During her experience teaching at Dutch primary school education, she established that Highly Gifted Children need more than just additional work challenges. The real key to their success is social contact with their peers. She has developed Enrichments classes which help provide for this Social need. 

Willeke pioneered Enrichment classes over 20 years ago and has been a actively involved in developing the concept ever since. 

Identifying a need for more flexible work environments she founded Bright Kids in January 2003, www.brightkids.nl Bright Kids helps schools and parent understand gifted children by giving presentations about giftedness, coaching sessions and providing school enrichment programs. She is a Government consultant for  the Dutch Primary Schools, published author and Developer of  “Talentenlijn”, materials and guidance aids for teachers and preschool teachers. www.talentenlijn.nl.

Willek Rol is also trainer and co-writer of the education program : “Opleiding Expert Slimme Peuters en Kleuters”. (Training Expert Gifted Toddlers and Preschoolers) This program is certified by the SKJ ( Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd) in Holland.