Peergroups for gifted pupils or students

Presenter(s): Willeke Rol

(Highly) gifted children are children with a high IQ, in combination with a creative mind and the motivation to create their own possibilities.

The three main needs of these children are: challenges (they must be able to recognize themselves in the level of the curriculum and be challenged to develop their creative way of thinking), personal guidance and communication, and regular interaction with peers.

It is extremely important for the children to be among their peers (developmental equals). This is important so they can be themselves for a moment, to experience that they are not the only ones that deviate from the average and recharge their battery. Being among peers will show them that they are not alone. Which help them function better in the regular classroom.
Due to their rapid processing of information, boredom is a common problem that can lead to problematic behavior, including disruption of the course of events within the class group, but also by developing a developmental disorders, such as underachievement.