Presenter(s): Marc Smolowitz

MEET THE DIRECTOR: Conversations about Giftedness, Trauma, Empowerment & Identity with Filmmaker Marc Smolowitz from THE G WORD

Independent filmmaker Marc Smolowitz is currently in post-production on THE G WORD -- a feature-length documentary that aims to be the most ambitious and comprehensive film to date on the topics of gifted, talented, and neurodiverse education and populations. The film asks the urgent equity question -- In the 21st century, who gets to be Gifted in America and Why? and it will answer that question by taking viewers to places and spaces across the United States where we don't typically expect to encounter giftedness. While decidedly American in scope and focus, THE G WORD documentary will focus on powerful human stories that focus on how intelligence intersects with identity, helping to put a diverse face on gifted, talented, neurodiverse people around the globe. Join Marc for a powerful special session that introduces participants to his documentary-in-progress and explores giftedness, as seen through his own personal and professional journey, and viewed through the intersectional lens of identity, trauma, and empowerment. Marc will also be sharing a special sneak preview of some early clips from the forming documentary as part of this session.