A gifted but difficult child with adhd at school

Presenter(s): Kristina Šegel
Author(s): Kristina Šegel
Presentation will be in Slovene language.

The article portraits, through various case studies, the child’s inability to develop owing to ADHD syndrome related issues, also some other factors play a significant role. Inadequate conditions of the school environment and consequently the social environment, prejudices of teachers, their ignorance and misunderstanding of the specifics of hyperactivity disorders and poor organization, in addition functioning of the entire school community have strongly influenced and hampered his early learning and personal development. Negative and violent peer influences, furthermore unprofessional behavior of the teachers, together with his restless behavior, affected his learning ability and had a great influence on comfort at both school and at home. Due to the labeling, his positive qualities and sources of will to be active had gone unnoticed. At the end of the primary schooling, a shift in how he is seen by others could be observed, which is reflected in a greater support of the teachers with, giving him more active involvement in individual school activities and higher tolerance of his disorders. This is followed by a noticeable improvement in his behavior and learning success. With the help of competent adults, an extremely capable school special pedagogue and with a great investment of his own will and self-regulation, he managed to develop into a healthy, responsible and knowledge-seeking personality during his youth. Already in high school, he began to achieve individual good results in several areas, and even more during his studies and in now his adulthood.