Trevor J. Tebbs

Castleton, United States


In addition to my on-going work with highly able and creative children and young people, since 2008 I have enjoyed many opportunities to travel overseas. I have presented on various topics and provided workshops at several International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) conferences, e.g., Ulm, Paris, Athens, Istanbul and Dubai. It has also been a pleasure to visit and work with other professionals in my field of interest in Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, Ukraine as well the USA.

As well as continueing as Assistant Editor of GTI, I am also Associate Editor of the new International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity (IJTDC) - a professional journal associated with Lost Prizes [See:;] 

For several years I have served as an adjunct professor with the Psychology Department, Castleton State College, Castleton, VT 05735. Typically I provide a number of different courses relating to educational psychology, including some specifically associated with giftedness. 

Recently I have been honored to be associated the Institute of Gifted Child, which is part of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine.