The benefits of using holistic assessment in partnership with technology: Two cases

Author(s): Trevor James Tebbs

In this paper, the author presents two real-world cases where the lives of young people have been changed for the better. In both cases, the futures of the highly able and creative individuals were significantly improved by way of holistic assessment facilitated in partnership with technology. The stories demonstrate how this partnership added value, meaning and credibility to assessments. They illustrate how a purpose-built software program designed to simplify the collection, management and exploration of data, initiated critical thinking, problem finding and solving, clarification of issues (e.g.,behavior, misdiagnosis), enhancement of interventions, the monitoring of ‘response to intervention’ (RTI), and elevation of both the efficacy and outcome of communication. Ultimately, the partnership added strength to the power and influence of holistic assessment, with regard, a) the level of understanding achieved and the quality of pedagogical services provided by all parties concerned with the development of gifted individuals, and b) the quality of outcome experienced by the individuals themselves in the context of holistic development.