Make a difference

Presenter(s): Maja Robek
Author(s): Maja Robek

I would like to introduce you to the case of good practice. In this case me and my coworker were the tool in the hands of five-year-olds. They criticly observed the world around themself, they were thinking what they can do to make a difference in how to do it with our help, to achive changes in enviroment where they live.
Activities were made whitin the contects of bigger project Kindergarten frendly to planet Earth. Whitin this project there was project called Eco beri (we are reading books with ecological thematic and then we make some activities on that theme).
We started just before we had to close down the kindergarten due to COVID -19 epidemic. Despite the two month absence we tried to continue the work, that we left of before we stayed home. But this time the children were the one, that dictated the pace and the ideas, they said what, were and when are we are doing. All we coud do, was to let go and support them, help them on what they needed to see the ideas come true. In this whole project we include the mayor of Ljuljana as well and achive, that we got the much needed bin for the vaste. It was on the location that is starting point for visitors of Technolochical park and recreationals. We taugth local people how to keep our greeen recreational areas clean, at the same time we asked people in high places to help us with the tast that we set ourself to.
Activities were done outdoors mostly and were proactive. They enabled children to be involved in parts, that suited them, interested them. Each child could contributed in his own way with his/hers own talent. Kids had no feeling of »guided activity«, the main motor of activities were internal and so everything was very effortless.
Inspite of really good ideas a was skeptical of how much we can actually achive. With all that we did and achive the hole group of five-year-olds gave me back hope in future and possibilities. They remined me that each one of us can make a difference in better life. We have to keep hoping and be bold enogh to make ideas happend.