An individual approach to strength and endurance development with student

Presenter(s): Robert Brezovnik
Author(s): Robi Brezovnik
Presentation will be in Slovene language.

Modern times bring new challenges for high school sports teachers. The average lifestyle is increasingly becoming sitting down, which leads to an increase of cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes and other auto immune diseases. Because of this we feel the role of the sports teacher is changing. Instead of teaching the students about sports techniques and sectors we need to equip them with some knowledge for life, so they can choose the correct and effective recreational activities to keep them healthy and implement them as fundamental values in their everyday life.
The development and preservation of endurance is important for maintaining your health and vitality as it ensures a good support for the joints and the spine and strengthens our cardiovascular system. Because of this we attempted to find a way to introduce exercises for strength and endurance to high-school girls. We achieved this by setting a personal goal for each student to attempt to reach within a three-month period of exercise. We helped them in choosing one of the following goals, (1) preserving strength and health, (2) healthy monitored weight loss or (3) growing muscles and aerobic endurance.
To help them achieve the goals we implemented achievement stages, which increase the motivation to persist with the activity. The exercises were partly executed during the sports lessons in school and partly in their free time. Most of the girls showed positive results and a lot of them chose to continue with this type of exercise even after the initial three-month duration.