Author(s): Polonca Pangrčič

In the article we will highlight current issues in the Slovene school environment, which is related to the motivation, productivity and some other personal characteristics of today's children and (to a considerable extent) arises from the excessive use of digital media. Recent research shows a negative link between the use of digital media and the development of brain cells and connections in the brain. In the continuation of the article, we will try to highlight as many facts as possible how hours and hours spent on different screens (phone, tablet, computer, TV, ...) affect more capable children. In some countries in the world, research has shown that IQ is lowering. We wonder if this could mean in the future that these children, when they grow up less capable and taking into account the fact that the overall IQ is lower, will still differ from their peers on their abilities. Because of the above factors, we will seek solutions to how digital technology can be used by children in favor. The purpose of the paper is not to highlight the disadvantages of digital technologies and to conclude with the thesis that it is necessary to remove all devices from children. On the contrary. Because it is clear that digitization has brought a lot of goodness, it is also necessary to teach children. We need to show them the useful side of the technology, while raising awareness of what to look out for and to exploit the potential of gifted children who will shape the world in the future.