Inspiration or frustration, where does learning begin?


The main focus of this workshop is to inspire teachers and other professionals in educational settings to work with a diverse population in the classroom; gifted pupils will be the focal point of interest. We hope to inspire the attendees to question their beliefs and actions and take action to develop themselves (even) further. One of the means is an exercise from the field of Positive Psychology, and another exercise will focus on development of metacognitive skills. In this workshop we want to put 'the' theory about Giftedness into practice. Other specific fields that can contribute to a better understanding of the students in the (mostly) diverse classrooms will be addressed as well. For example: Mindset (Dweck, 2017); Solution focused Questions (Bannink, 2015); Positivity ratio (Fredrickson, 2009). If you want to be (inter)actively involved in a workshop, please attend. If you want to take your own development in the field of Gifted Education forward, we would like to point out our Radboud International Training on High Ability (RITHA; more information at This is a blended, therefore mostly online, training about Giftedness. From a solid theoretical base, the students start working in practices, to implement what they have learned. We want to state that 'lifelong learning' is also an objective of the training, and we hope this workshop can inspire to look into this training. (This scholastic year we started a group in Croatia, one in Malta, and one in Nijmegen.) I am asking some of my current students if they can attend this conference, so you will can get a student perspective as well.