Learning how to learn

Presentation will be in Slovene language.

Since we are born we are given certain skills and abilities which we are developing and trying to improve through different periods of our lives. The purpose of my article is to introduce how elementary school pupils are dealing with a challenge of a more contemplatory studying. How we can help them to improve with some specific skills and methods. After longlasting experiences of teaching in the 4th grade I am noticing, that due to increase of quantity and difficulty of the knowledge neccessary, together with their parents, students are experiencing certain distress when passing from the 3rd to the 4th grade. This is when it becomes neccessary to use already gained knowledge on the new, more comprehensive content this needs to become automatisation. Since at our school we are following the latest trends and approaches to learning and teaching (formative assessment, learning by activity), classes itself are directed more towards detection and development of differrent methods and variatons of work. We are developing multiple learning strategies through various learning techniques during our classes. But which strategy will actually be used in the end, depends solely on students learning style. Within this age bracket individuals learning style is still developing and students are still searching for the learning style most suitable for them. In the article I am trying to present, how the 4th grade students can gain new skills for independent learning by different learning methods and forms. For the students to achieve greater learning success, we also have parental meeting, where the topic of learning how to learn is introdused.