Hildegard Cowan-Sobolewski

Talent psychological Consultant
Counselling Centre for Giftedness <<geistreich>>

Rheinfelden, Switzerland

Website: www.geist-reich.ch


She works on the basis of the findings of personality psychology in the field of highly gifted counselling, both for children and their parents as well as for teachers and members of the authorities. As a gifted psychological counsellor, she assumes that a person can only develop harmoniously if it can fully exploit his gifted potential with the help of comprehensive support. Knowledge of the specific traits of a personality therefore plays a central role in counselling based on the assumptions of motivation and volition research used in talent psychology. The promotion of highly gifted children thus begins with the search for the specific learning needs of highly gifted children. "Best practices for your work with gifted children" shows the ideal-typical practice in gifted-oriented teaching with highly gifted children and adolescents.
In the course of her teaching activities she worked in various European countries as a foreign language teacher, worked as a pedagogical consultant for migrant children and their families, developed a concept in the field of early bilingualism and multilingualism in kindergartens in cooperation with the Robert Bosch Foundation, and finally founded her counselling centre <<geistreich>>.

• Teaching German (GB), Grammar School
• Language teacher at the Goethe Institute in Lisbon, Portugal
• Mentor for the further training of English teachers in the administrative district of Cologne (D)
• Lecturer at the University of Sopron, department Paediatrics in Hungary
• Founding member of the Foundation for Bilingual Kindergartens in Hungary
• ECHA Education with Diploma in Zurich, Expert for Talent Promotion and High Giftedness
• Establishment of an advisory centre for giftedness in Switzerland
• Lecturer for teachers on "High Giftedness" in the field of further education
• Highly gifted coaching at Swiss schools
• Continuing education with diploma as Talent Psychological Consultant (DZBF)