A sports weekend as part of the elective subject

Presenter(s): Nataša Šafarič Seljak Presentation will be in Slovene language.

I have been organizing a 3-day Sports weekend as part of the elective subject Sports for relaxation for the past few years. The pupils are informed already at the time of deciding on their elective subjects that as part of the elective subject Sports for relaxation a certain number of hours, besides the sports events carried out at school, is planned for the Sports weekend. The Sports weekend is usually carried out in April or May at the location of CŠOD Fiesa. The detailed content of the Sports weekend is already planned at the beginning of the school year in the annual work plan for the subject Sports for relaxation. The sports activities are: football, handball, basketball, beach volleyball, Swing dancing, athletics (relay), grass hockey, T-ball, canoeing, hiking (Fiesa – Strunjan, Portorož – Piran – Fiesa), … Besides the sports activities there are plenty of interdisciplinary connections with natural sciences, geography, history, social skills, music, … With the contents which cannot be forwarded in school classes I broaden the pupils' horizons. I bring them closer to nature, show them the natural characteristics of their surroundings and show them various possibilities for spending quality time outdoors. The Sports weekend is a pedagogic process which continues in a different environment with different dimensions and characteristics. Due to various circumstances (a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging effects of the group, higher motivation, more condensed work, more competition – games in different sports, the possibility of choosing different practice grounds,…) one can be certain that general pedagogic as well as educational effects of the Sports weekend are much greater than they would be, were the lessons carried out at the school gym. The socialization effects of the children's days-long co-habitation outside of school are also much greater than they would be otherwise