Enchancing creativity in the educational context

Presenter(s): Tomislav Goldin, Ksenija Ranogajec Benaković

Sparks programme for gifted children was created ten years ago. It has been approved by Ministry of Science and Education. Programme is carried out through workshops in NGO „Wind at the back“ (European Talent Point), organized for children from 4 to 14 years that have been estimated as potentially gifted. We provide gifted children with the activities that satisfy their needs and interests (specially STEAM field), develop their potential, encourage creativity, (self)presentation skills and develop emotional intelligence, and learning skills. Last two years we are organizing workshops and seminars for teachers with themes: „Characteristics of gifted children“, „ How to enchance creativity at school“, „Divergent and critical thinking“, „E.de Bono` s thinking tools“ .This workshop will give a short summary of some activities that can be used to support divergent and creative thinking and problem solving. We will demonstrate how we use associative cards, “creative movement” and some other techniques to support creativity in daily teaching.