Experts from the field of counseling perceive the need to redefine concepts of emotions, more useful methods and techniques of researching their interconnections and therapeutic solutions to the emotional distress of an individual and family

Presenter(s): Štefanija Jaksetič Dujc Presentation will be in Slovene language.

The research is focused on the history of scientific works and articles that define emotions, the development of scientific methods for determining the interaction of emotions or their interconnection, and explores contemporary theories of therapies based on new scientific knowledge or approaches.

An overview of the history of research on the subject of emotion in scientific literature suggests a strong increase in research in this field, especially after the year 2000, and it finds a deeper diversification of feelings and concepts. Namely, the emphasis of research work has been placed on emotions, feelings, intergenerational transmission, behavior, genogram.

The questionnaire on the subject of emotions that we studied is a newer multi-level and multi-dimensional questionnaire for the differentiation of self and its dimensions. The questionnaire is based on Murray Bowen's family systems theory. Thus, the survey also includes a more detailed overview of the basic concepts of emotion in Bowen's theory, and seeks to find similar concepts in relational marriage and family theory as well as in emotion-oriented theory. The research concludes that in the theoretical part all three theories use explicitly or implicitly similar emotional concepts and interconnections. It is assumed that theories follow the multi-level emotional monitoring of an individual or a family, and that there is a possibility that the course of all three therapies can be monitored with a self-differentiation questionnaire.

The research raises some guidelines for further research and the use of the self-differentiation questionnaire in therapy and, consequently, achieve a more successful resolving of emotional distress in an individual and a family.